AZ Marine Group is the official representative of leading manufacturers of marine radio navigation equipment:
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, New Japan Radio Company, AC Marine, etc.
In its work on customer service, AZ Marine Group uses its own service network, which is represented in the main ports both in Russia and abroad, with the necessary set of spare parts and equipment for prompt repair, replacement and delivery in the shortest possible time.
Service engineers of AZ Marinr Group have been trained and have certificates of companies for the installation and maintenance of the equipment supplied.
Activities AZ Marine Group has been approved by the Marine and River Register of Russia and the foreign classification societies ABS, BV and GL.
The work of AZ Marine Group is aimed at the high-quality and efficient service of modern radio navigation equipment and reducing shipowners’ costs for its operation.

A-Z Marine Group has a convenient location of offices, which allows for the organization of service work as quickly as possible, eliminating the shipowner’s financial expenses for transportation costs.

Also, numerous warehouses of our company allow us to organize quick delivery of spare parts for service work.

Currently, our company has offices in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Rijeka (Croatia).

AZ Marine group service centers

Our company is an authorized distributor, or has direct contracts with manufacturers of the entire spectrum of communication, navigation and radio equipment, such as:

Northrop Grumman (Sperry Marine USA) – GMDSS radio communications equipment, Inmarsat satellite communications systems of the Fleet family (F33, F55, F77), navigation echo sounders, Radar, gyrocompass, ship control systems along the trajectory (autopilot), Doppler lags, ECDIS (electronic cartographic navigation and information systems), magnetic and satellite compasses, GPS receivers.

Danelec Marine is the leading manufacturer of VDR (flight data recorders), with more than 6000 installations worldwide, and ECDIS (Electronic & nbsp cartographic navigation information systems).
The company’s mission is to provide shipowners with the most efficient products and services.

Jotron AS (Norway) – ARB-406, SART, wearable VHF radio stations of the GMDSS and for communication with aircraft, components – batteries, hydrostats.